About Us


Lord of the Bats is an action platformer where you dash your way through terrifying landscapes to uncover all the treasure you can get your hands on. Join our heroes, grizzled old veteran Battedé Fantaise and brilliant young mechanic Sally Teslison, on a hair-raising journey to track down and capture a mysterious entity atop Mt. Loopemus. Traverse crime-ridden cities, arid deserts, and dark forests on a quest that could determine the fate of the world.

The gameplay you'll find in Lord of The Bats has a strong emphasis on fast-paced platforming and action-packed combat. You'll be dashing through foes to gain speed like there's no tomorrow as you explore grime-infested cities and terrifying jungles. With Battedé's background in the military, he's more than well versed in how to take down an enemy. Hermites, Dodums, and the nefarious Fedora Mooks found in Gradjees are no match for his melee prowess.

The thrilling tale of Battedé and Sally's journey is woven together by a beautiful hand drawn style you'd find in a cartoon. Comic book-styled antics are on display while your ears are delighted by a retro-inspired soundtrack. With all these features and more, Lord of the Bats is a story you'll never forget.

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